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In this page we go through the Top 10 Attractions of Athens City. If you have a day or a couple of days in Athens do not miss the chance to visit these monuments. You will need about 5-8 hours depending on you interest. The attractions are shown on the map below. You can start from Syntagma Square (Point 1) and end at Monastiraki (Point 9) or end at the start point, Syntagma Square.

Athens City Tour and Athens Main Attractions
The top 10 attractions in Athens Center. It is best to start from Point 1 (Syntagma square) 

1. Syntagma Square and the Parliament

Syntagama square is the center of Athens. It is always busy and you can enjoy a Greek coffee with a traditional delight. Next to Syntagama square is the Greek Parliament. At the Parliament you can watch the change of guard which happens every one hour. Further you can walk around the parliament and see the engravings on the foundation of the building. 

athens syntagma square changing of guard

2. National Gardens - Zappio

The National Gardens are next to the Parliament. You can walk through the National Gardens towards the neoclassical Zappeion Hall and arrive at the Panathenaic Stadium. From the Parliament to the Panathenaic stadium it is a 10-minute walk.

Athens attractions - Zappeio and National Gardens

3. Panathenaic stadium

The Panathenaic stadium was build in 1890. The first modern Olympic games where held at the Panathenaic stadium in 1896. The stadium is build from Athenian white marble and it is quite impressive at night when it is led.

Athens city top attractions - Panathenaic Stadium, Kallimármaro

4. Zeus Pillars

The Temple of Olympian Zeus also known as Zeus Pillars are the ruins on one of Zeus largest temples. The construction began in the 6th century BC during the rule of the Athenian tyrants, who envisaged building the greatest temple in the ancient world. The temple was destroyed in the 3rd century AD from a barbarian raid.

Zeus Pillars - Athens attractions

5. Acropolis museum

Acropolis museum exhibits about 4,000 artifacts. It is impressive not only because of the antiquities but also because of the unique design which incorporated excavations with the antiquities just under the glass floors. The Acropolis masterpieces are marked out and given the prominence they deserve through the ideal interior atmosphere conditions, the natural lighting, the panoramic views and excellent layout of the exhibition areas. Acropolis museum admission ticket costs €5. The museum is open from 8am to 8pm except on Wednesday that closes at 4pm.

Athens Attractions - Acropolis museum

6. Athens Acropolis and the Parthenon

Next to Acropolis museum is the entrance to the Acropolis. The entrance ticket to acropolis is €20 and it is valid for the archaeological site of the Acropolis and its Slopes. There is also a reduced ticket €10 for students and for adults over 65 years old. Tickets are available only at the ticket office on site. There are is also €30 ticket that is valid for 5 days and allows entrance to Acropolis of Athens, Ancient Agora of Athens, Archaeological Museum of Kerameikos, Archaeological Site of Lykeion, Hadrian's Library, Kerameikos, Museum of the Ancient Agora, North slope of Acropolis, Olympieio, Roman Agora of Athens, South Slope of Acropolis.

Athens travel guide and Athens city attractions - Acropolis of Athens
Acropolis of Athens as seen from Monastiraki square

7. Odeon of Herodes Atticus

The Odeon was built in 161 AD by the Athenian magnate Herodes Atticus in memory of his wife, Aspasia Annia Regilla. It was originally a steep-sloped theater with a three-story stone front wall and a wooden roof made of expensive, cedar of Lebanon timber. It was used as a venue for music concerts with a capacity of 5,000.

Athens Guide and Things to do in Athens - Herodion Theatre
Herodion Theatre at Athens Acropolis

8. Thesio

Thesio is the name of the area between Acropolis and Monastiraki. It has an lovely walkway and magnificent views of acropolis. You can enjoy coffee, lunch and dinner in of the many cafes and restaurant along the walkway. 

Stoa of Attalos in the way from Thiseio to Monastiraki
Stoa of Attalos as seen from the walkway from Thiseio to Monastiraki

9. Monastiraki

Walking through Thesio and you will reach Monastiraki Square. There you can visit the Ancient Agora. The Agora is dated back to the Roman times and it was an open air trade area with vibrant atmosphere which you can still fill around in the streets of Monastiraki. This will take around 20 min. At that point you can reach Plaka. It is a famous place for walking and enjoying beautiful views on the Acropolis

10. Ermou street

Ermou street is the main shopping street in Athens featuring all mainstream international brand and a few Greek Brands. Ermou street connects Monastiraki square with Syntagma square. You either end your tour at Monastiraki or walk through Ermou street and end at Syntagma square.