Athens Airport Taxi Info

Airport Transfer Info

Taxi rates are the same all over Greece. The only difference you may encounter is at the pick up charge from Airports. Those are mentioned further below along with all other taxi charge that might apply.

Taxi in Athens - Greece

Below are all the legal charges that apply for taxi transfers in Greece:

  • Starting charge: 1,29 €
  • Daytime charge (Tariff 1) : 0,74 €/km. Day time charge applies from 05:00 to 24:00. The taxi meter should be at Tariff 1.
  • Night-time charge: 1,30 €/km. Night time charge applies from 24:00 to 05:00. The taxi meter should be at Tariff 2.
  • Per hour waiting charge: 11,81 €/h
  • Extra charge for every luggage heavier than 10 kg:  0,43 €
  • Minimum charge for Athens and Thessaloniki: 3,47 €
  • Minimum charge for the rest of the country: 3,72 €
  • Pick up charge for ports, bus and train terminals: 1,18 €
  • Extra charge form/to Thessaloniki Airport (includes motorway tolls): 3,47 €
  • Extra charge form/to Athens Airport (includes motorway tolls): 4,72 €
  • Pick up charge form/to other airports: 2,83€
  • At Christmas and Easter time an extra 1-2 Euro is charged as present.