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Q: Can you please give me an up to date approx price for a taxi at Athens airport to Glyfada?

A: athens_greece_taxi_fares/taxi-fares-from-athens-airport

Q: We are ... Please, would it be possible to pre-book taxis with you to collect us from the airport to the hotel, hotel to exhibition and back, delivery from the exhibition to the airport and hotel to airport?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot make a taxi booking for you since we are not representing any taxi company. As a starting point, you can check: en/taxis_bookataxi_en.htm

Myself and a friend got a taxi from the airport rank to Piraeus at around 8,30pm last night. When we got in, the driver told us it would be the meter charge plus 8 euros. I don't know whether this is standard practice to add 8 euros- we believed her. On arrival at our hotel, she told us the cost was 53 euros- I handed her 55, made up of a 50 euro note and a 5. She then handed me back a 10 and a 5 note, telling me the fare was 50, not 15. Believing that I had mistakenly given her a 10 instead of a 50 note, I then gave her another 50 note and the 5 back. It was only when I was in the hotel later that I realised I had been conned and had in fact given her 50 euros to start with. I counted my money and found that I was indeed short of 40 euros. I feel foolish for being deceived. This trip was supposed to be a real treat and 40 euros is a lot of money to me. To be tricked out of 40 euros (and possibly the extra 8 she added on to the meter?) made me feel very sick and I feel like it has almost ruined the holiday before it has begun.
I did not note the taxi license number, registration plate or name of the driver (she was a blonde female of around 40 years old) and I obviously cannot prove that she stole from me, but I am so angry and disgusted by her behavior that I had to write to let you know that such a practice goes on.
Regards, Alexandra

We spent 4-5 days in Athens about ten days ago on a family vacation. We were thoroughly impressed by the bus service from the airport to the center of the city for a reasonable amount. We got down at Syntagma square and our hotel was walking distance. The bus was running on schedule, clean, frequent and the staff helpful. We were surprised by the bus running 24 hours! When we were leaving Athens for an early morning flight (5:15 AM), there were buses ready at 3 and 4 AM! Fantastic. The driver that morning was very helpful since we were running late.

On our way back from Corfu, we stopped by in Athens again and had a few hours to spend. There was X96 to go to Glyfada beach. We did not realize that we have to show our hands for the bus to stop at the Glyfada bus stop!

I have been to several places in the world and never seen such a convenient service. There are cities that rip off visitors right from the airport. The Athens airport bus service makes a visit to Athens very pleasant. Athens can be an example for other cities to follow. Thank you.